Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Vote Election Day October 3

Monday October 3 is Election Day in the NWT.

Below is information on when, where and how to vote.

My Letter to Voters asks for your support and explains my priorities and vision for the next Assembly. My website contains detailed information on my priorities, record and qualifications.

You're also invited to join me for refreshments and discussion at the Yellowknife Ski Club Friday September 30 from 4:30 to 6:30 PM and at the Smokehouse Cafe in Ndilo Saturday from 4 to 6 PM.

Last election, 80 per cent of Weledeh voters cast ballots, a higher proportion than any other Yellowknife riding. Let's show the NWT that Weledeh voters are not complacent, by getting our to exercise our democratic right to select our leaders.

Thank your for the privilege of representing you in the past Assembly and for the opportunity to continue working for you and with you.

Bob Bromley
Candidate, Weledeh

How to Vote


Dettah Itoa Memorial Complex/Gym—Dettah and Dettah Road voters only
Weledeh School Gym—All Other Voters
9 AM to 8 PM
Canadian citizens
• 18 years of age or older on or before October 3, 2011 (born after October 2, 1993)
• Resident in the Northwest Territories since October 3, 2010
Vote at the Returning Office Until October 1
You can vote at the Office of the Weledeh Returning Officer, in the YK Centre (old Eldonn`s Jewellers). Call the Returning Office at 669 7008 or email Returning Office hours are 10 AM to 1 PM and 4 to 6 PM weekdays and 10 AM to 2 PM Saturdays.
Check the detailed list of Returning Office Hours.
Voter Identification

In order to receive a ballot, an elector must prove their identity and place of residence.

Voters are strongly encouraged to arrive to the polls with proper identification.

The easiest way to prove one’s identity and place of residence is with one current piece of government-issue photo ID: either a driver’s license or general identification card.

Two pieces of identification from an approved list can be shown, but at least one piece must accurately describe the elector’s residential or mailing address.

Without proper identification, a ballot can still be cast, but the process will take more time and effort.

If an elector has no proof of identification, another eligible elector may vouch for them. In order to do so, both electors must take an oath. In addition, the other elector must have their own identification.

If you cannot meet the identification requirements, but know your returning officer by personal acquaintance, then you can vote in the Office of the Returning Officer without showing ID.

Absent Voters: Voting By Special Ballot
October 1 at 2 PM is the deadline to apply for a special ballot. All Special Ballots must be received by the Returning Office no later than 8 PM October 3 (Election Day). See the Elections NWT website for details on voting by special ballot.

Mobile Polls

Eligible electors in a hospital, elders’ care facility, or confined to their home may wish to vote by Special Mobile Poll.

Those who are unable to attend the poll by reason of a disability may apply to the Weledeh Returning Officer to vote by mobile poll. Call 669 7008 or email

Applications are only accepted from September 19 until September 23.

To find out where you vote, call the Bob Bromley Campaign Office at 446 3180.

Full information on voting is at the Elections NWT website  

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